The Apartment at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerpen

Two weekends ago I visited Antwerp to meet friends. I’ve read some travel blogs about Belgium’s fashion capital and I was eager to discover the city. Unfortunately I didn’t know then about Graanmarkt 13, but it’s definitely a must see for next time as it is quite an unique project.

I found out about it browsing through the website of Belgium architect Vincent Van Duysen, the one who renovated the town building at Graanmarkt 13. He describes the project as ’A collection of curiosities where each and every floor tells a story. It’s an idea, but also a sensory location that keeps on evolving as it grows.’

The building hosts a  The Restaurant in the cellar, The Store on the ground floor, The Gallery on the first level and The Apartment on the top floors. What is truly fascinating is the synergy between the different functions of the floors and the way they come together. The interior of the building was completely transformed by Van Duysen and an extra floor was added on top, while the street facade of the building was kept intact.


The idea behind the project belongs to Tim and Ilse, two beautiful people who fell in love with the building and transformed it into an interdisciplinary space where design, culture, fashion gastronomy, meet in a 4 level story about passion and the love for beauty.

 The Apartment is actually what caught my eye and left me in awe. I particularly love the cozy feel of the place and the complete lack of interior decoration clichés. Originally designed to serve as Tim and Ilse’s private home, this beautiful space is now available for rent and maybe one of the most stylish places you can find in Antwerp.

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Photography//Koen Van Damme /Frederik Vercruysse

Via VincentVanDuysen


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