Future Vision. Polaire

We’ve all seen enough Science Fiction to imagine how the future will look like when it comes to living, transportation and communication technology and I’m cool with that image. However, I highly doubt that the future of fashion are the Star Trek unitards, and a bit closer to my vision of future fashion are the accessories made by Austrian avant-garde company Polaire.


The multidisciplinary team behind the sculptural sophistication of the Polaire designs are Daniel Reist, Horatiu Valcu and Anna Maria Pankiewicz. The trio’s carefully crafted designs are playful and noisy, showcasing the forward thinking philosophy behind their concept. And when creativity and passion meet high tech manufacturing, each piece emerges as a perfectly modeled individuality.

“We contemplate natural contexts, scouting for impressions. Often our ideas refer to the experimental Austrian design and architecture of the 70’s. Collectives such as Haus-Rucker-Co or Zünd-up also aspired to redefine the vision of nature and the role of design for future generations and their environment.”


Via Polaire

Follow Polaire events  here


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