Summerhouse on a Swedish Island

Lagnö House, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter 2012

Today’s inspiration comes from this beautiful Swedish summerhouse in Lagnö. The house is oriented towards the bay and is composed from 5 separate volumes  with seamless eaves, that form 5 pitched roofs and mimic the appearance of a row of boathouses. One of the roofs is formed by a glass canopy that splits the house into 2 separate volumes, shelters the acces area and serves as a covered terrace.

The living and dining room are under the highest central volume, occupying the  whole hight, while the rooms are over the other volumes, ventilated and lit with skylights. The house is designed to require very low maintenance.

The reason I chose to show you this house are the materials. The house is cast in concrete with ash wood window frames and wooden furniture, which gives the house a raw, natural look and integrates it in site.

Source: Archdaily


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