Micro apartment in Berlin by Spamroom & John Paul Coss

In the last years there has been an increased interest in micro housing fueled by many studies regarding the amount of space a person needs to live comfortably, and of course, many innovations followed.

Although I must say I am the kind of person that feels a bit trapped in small spaces I must say I love this tiny, fully equipped, 21 sqm Altbau apartment in Berlin. It just shows what good design can do.

The apartment has a completely equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a rain shower. The height of the Altbau apartment was used to the fullest creating  an interior staircase, and a separate sleeping space at the newly created, steel structure mezzanine over the bathroom and entry space.

I also love the original floors which were restored and whitewashed and Jugendstil tiles in the bathroom that give personality to the space.

Just have a look and see for yourself!55498365e58ece61f200000c_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_portada_dsc04741-1000x66655498090e58ece7829000001_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc04747-666x10005549807ce58ece0f3c00005d_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc04750-1000x666554981b7e58ece423b000001_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc04759-666x10005549820fe58ece61f2000002_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc04762-666x10005549821de58ece423b000005_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc04774-1000x6665549830ce58ece423b00000d_micro-apartment-in-berlin-spamroom-johnpaulcoss_dsc06068-666x1000


via Archdaily


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