Dining Space Inspiration/ Part 1 #Black

The dining space is very important in the dynamic of a house. It encourages social interaction between the family members and is normally one of the most used spaces in a house. So, managing the dining space is quite important and tricky since it is a space the entire family shares and must feel comfortable there.

A few pointers about the dining space are:

  •  Easy to reach – where the dining table is located is the most important – chose a place close to the kitchen and the living space.
  •  Lighting – targeted lighting is a must [TIP: choose a statement lamp(or lamps), with targeted light and let it hang over the table at about 1,40m over the floor]
  • The table – Pick a table you absolutely love and start from here!
  •  Chairs – total freedom in choosing chairs – you can go from the classic 6 of a kind to mixing up colours or going crazy with a mix and match! Everything goes!
  • Accentuated or integrated: the dining can be easily transformed into an accent space in your house or be integrated with rest of the space.

I’ve picked a few examples to show you what I mean and how a bit of black, used for the table, chairs or lamps can literally make the place pop!

b1f999e1935eaf5903f542d5a555f90dFound on apartment34.comMaja-Deko-house-at-the-Housing-Fair-Finland-1Huys-404-10-850x1275http-::www.worldofarchi.com:http-::www.boligliv.dk:Found on nordicdays.blogspot.nlFound on cushandnooks.blogspot.co.nz53d6b120934ded3cb88d4547b5bcc71b

to be continued….



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