Tyche Apartment by CaSA & Margherita Serboli

Tyche Apartment : CaSA + Margherita Serboli

This lovely apartment is located in a 1900 Art Nouveau building in Barcelona and serves as a vacation home for an Italian family. The interior has been completely renovated in a contemporary language, while reviving and highlighting the 1900 detailing of the building, and redivided to get 3 double bedrooms.

The architects opened the space at the entrance to get a light filled living area and also bring light into the open kitchen. The 2 minor bedrooms form behind the kitchen area, and are individualised as a separate light pink volume. 
The master bedroom, is located at the opposite end of the apartment and includes a separate bathroom.


The palette of materials and colours creates a dialogue and a separation of the spaces. Bright, light pastel colours were used for the walls as well as for the furniture, combined with white metal elements and a few grey objects that emphasize the colours even more. The hydraulic tiles in the living area, which are a typical element of this kind of early twentieth century dwelling were reinterpreted by the architects in a hexagonal shape and contemporary colours.

010_DSC_3178 03_DSC_2771 02_DSC_2785 07_DSC_3095014_DSC_3278 022_DSC_3431

Source: Archdaily

Photographs: Roberto Ruiz


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