Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Today I woke up with the best news ever: we will have a  new apartment from December 1st and its absolutely gorgeous!! ❤ So i am on a quest of gathering inspiration to make it into the home I always dreamed about. I love the simple things and I don’t plan on going interior design crazy but just bringing in the few things we have and gradually build from there.

I also found this beautifully styled apartment by Sarah Widman, Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kicken and I’d also like to share it with you. I love the black accents on the white base and the warm neutral textures. Hope you feel as inspired as I as am.

Have a lovely day!ostinfiefararen13_cf046754-2 ostinfiefararen13_cf046791-2 (1) ostinfiefararen13_cf047023 ostinfiefararen13_cf046952-2


foto by Jonas Berg

found on


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