Superfront for your IKEA cabinets

Hei, all you IKEA fans out there!  You’re gonna love this!  🙂

superfront-ikea-cabinet-upgrades-2This is Superfront, a Swedish brand that designs and produces stylish accessories such as fronts, handles, legs, and tops for the common Ikea cabinets.

Think of it like a super upgrade for your old (and new) IKEA Bestå cabinets and sideboards, Method and Faktum kitchens as well as the PAX wardrobe. The possibilities are wide and suited for any taste. You can choose from  13 carefully selected colours, 8 different fronts and accessories that give your furniture instant style. (see the last apartment inspiration article here with a Superfront sideboard)



I love the range of materials of the details, such as brass, copper, marble, birch and leather that give the whole piece of furniture a very classy vibe. It’s also perfect for the ones that love to mix and match ! What would your perfect Superfront combination look like?

Any new thoughts about your Ikea furniture now?! 😉 

img. via






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