Just finished settling in to our new apartment in Eindhoven, NL, and everything feels so new and exciting!  🙂

I’m happy for for this new beginning. I’m also happy that the inspiration I’ve gathered here on the blog, is starting to find form in the new apartment. We’re still experimenting the space and putting a lot of passion in designing it, little by little, and I’m really loving every minute of it.

My boyfriend and I want a user friendly house, that agrees with our lifestyle, passions and taste, and that is what we are trying to translate into the design.  No fancy stuff, just a nice, comfortable home on a reasonable budget. 🙂

The apartment has great light everywhere and sunny mornings feel a bit like Ibiza. I think we’re gonna be very happy and creative here.

This is how my morning looked like! I’m such a fan of Ikea Frosta chairs. So simple and so nice! ❤img 1 via adiagram.comIMG_7402 via adiagram.comIMG_7398 via adiagram.com


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