Cacti and succulents- winter shelfie

This weekend we got our first apartment plants: a cactus, which is having a tough time getting used to his new home (he jumped off the shelf…twice), and 2 succulent plants. Perfect for our current level of responsibility! adiagram.com_3 copy

My first plant was a cactus. He lived a long and prosperous life and after about 7 years even made a beautiful flower. My second plant was an aloe vera and I also got one of those, since we’re going on a trip to plant memory lane.

Cacti are the most comfortable plants ever, thus perfect for busy city people. They also look very stylish and fit in nicely with a minimalistic or Scandinavian interior. Maintenance is very easy – a cactus can go 3 months with no water, but it’s preferable that you give them a drip every month. As for the succulents, they don’t need much water either, in winter – about once every 2 weeks. Remember not to over water them because excess water causes the roots to rot.

 Making your own cacti/succulents shelf is as easy as it gets and quite cheap also. I styled them with my vintage apothecary jars and some Spanish ceramics that I found in a kringloopwinkel (that’s like a thrift shop here in the Netherlands) . I love these places, btw; It’s like going on a treasure hunt!adiagram.com_-4 copy.jpg



Next up, some nice pots, maybe some new brothers for the lonely cactus, and soon a white orchid.

How important do you guys think plants are, in a house?



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