Apartment 3E

Today’s inspiration comes from this beautiful, minimalistic apartment in Beijing.

The spatial configuration is  brilliantly set up, with a central distribution hallway that connects the adjacent spaces. The hallway is set up as a gallery space, where functionality is doubled by aesthetic .

The absence of closing between the public areas of the house encourages interaction and gives the space continuity and cohesiveness. The straight, clean cut lines and choice of finishes also contribute to the effect.

I absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful space that doesn’t need ornament, but is a statement in itself!stringio (1)


stringio (7) 

This open and pure apartment adequately represents the family’s simple lifestyle. With the constraints of existing load-bearing wall structure, the reorganisation of spatial functions efficiently fulfills the basic needs for the family’s daily life and creates a more flexible living space as well. A laundry room and walk-in closet by the foyer replaced the existing maid’s room, which was originally open to the kitchen without natural light. The foyer leads to the gallery which naturally becomes a common space for the family before entering into the main living space and private rooms, and also provides a possible expansion for future needs.” Vector Architects


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