Recycle your Christmas Decorations

adiagram.com_-4 copyChristmas is the top seller in the world. The amount of stuff people buy in December is just insane! The shops are and city streets are overcrowded with crazy shoppers that are over consuming Christmas industry goods. But where does all that stuff go when Christmas is over? And also, where does it come from?

Apparently, around  60% of the world’s (mostly plastic) Christmas decorations are made in a single village in China, where people work in 12h shifts and most of them aren’t even sure what Christmas is.(source) And in the first week of January most of it goes to the trash.

This year, I kept my Christmas decoration really simple and made them only from natural materials (see them here) and I’m really happy I don’t have to throw any of it away. I think they can still stay a while, after Christmas is over because they really look lovely. Also,waste management and selective recycling are on my NY resolutions list.

It’s 15 degrees and sunshine on the 2nd day of Christmas, and people still don’t believe the environment is suffering. We produce more waste than ever and flod the planet with it. 

So, please consider recycling your Christmas decorations  and let’s not harm Nature with our holiday joy :). 

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