Mood: Blush

This year blush has made it to the next level. Released from it’s super girly stigmata it’s now making it’s way back into our wardrobes and homes. A wall, a couch , a door, accessories  …it’s enough to brighten up any space! And just in time for spring!

I particularly think blush tint looks great in the kitchen or bathroom and it gives a lot of warmth and a lavish island vacation feel. However, I don’t advise using the colour on big surfaces in the living area, if it’s just a trend related decision. Trends come and go!  Fortunately there are other ways to bring blush into your house; even fresh blush roses will instantly cheer up any space!

What do you guys think?

497ab93d4e3b682d75698cdcb17f2d3d.jpg. E1cf95c73feca7ce51d748eb6e79adb21.jpgca6e8cf3333c3bac48fdbae26f299bff.jpg4c8c8c7e326fc7eeb0ce0b936c279906.jpga669c0673ee019c8bc8127429d431e41.jpg


images via @Pinterest


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