My name is Loredana and I’m from Romania. In 2015, I  moved to the Netherlands, after graduating from Architecture school.

I write this blog to explore and share my passion for space, light and design. It’s also my way of keeping in touch with the design world and the things that inspire me. My work is as a freelance interior designer and I’m an enthusiastic photographer.

I like “clean” spaces, minimal techno, good food, travelling and people with positive vibes.

Feel free to contact me at arhloredana@gmail.comIMG_3248

©ADiagram 2015

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello…..thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments !
    I just love plants and succulents are an absolute favourite. I also have a degree in architecture….
    It’s so nice to come across like minded people.
    Looking forward to reading your blog !


    1. Hi, Tasha! Nice to meet you! Cool that we have so much in common! I really feel weirdly connected to people who studied architecture! haha Can’t wait to see more sexy photos of those succulents and more articles from you! 😀


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