My Interior Garden

As I get older I find myself contemplating more, becoming more fascinated by life and in consequence more drawn to nature and the impact it has on our lives. I just came back from visiting my parents in Romania and spent a lovely week surrounded by nature, eating fresh from the garden and enjoying morning coffee in the spring sun. But when I came back home, the apartment felt … Continue reading My Interior Garden

White and wood feels like home

Before Christmas, I made my first botanical poster of this dancing flower, and I wanted to share it before the year was over. Caught some nice winter light yesterday and got a few images also. The warm wood and white combination has me addicted. It feels like home and goes great with the light in the apartment. I also missed working with paper and choosing it … Continue reading White and wood feels like home

Last Monday of 2015

Today is the last Monday of 2015 and the most beautiful December morning sun was shining when I woke up. This light is bringing back some of those restless summer feelings. Here’s how the morning looked like for me. A new coffee corner styling, and some inspiration from what happened in the design world this year. My favourite designer of 2015 is Michael Anastassiades and favourite … Continue reading Last Monday of 2015