The shop window display

I love window shopping and I think there’s nothing more mesmerizing than a nicely styled shop window display, especially when I get a peak of some of my favourite brands! Crioll Studio is a cozy design boutique in Eindhoven with a lovely collection of scandinavian  and dutch design items. With a selection ranging from furniture to lighting fixtures and accessories, as well as a designated kids boutique … Continue reading The shop window display

Apartment 3E

Today’s inspiration comes from this beautiful, minimalistic apartment in Beijing. The spatial configuration is  brilliantly set up, with a central distribution hallway that connects the adjacent spaces. The hallway is set up as a gallery space, where functionality is doubled by aesthetic . The absence of closing between the public areas of the house encourages interaction and gives the space continuity and cohesiveness. The straight, … Continue reading Apartment 3E

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Today I woke up with the best news ever: we will have a  new apartment from December 1st and its absolutely gorgeous!! ❤ So i am on a quest of gathering inspiration to make it into the home I always dreamed about. I love the simple things and I don’t plan on going interior design crazy but just bringing in the few things we have and … Continue reading Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Design Details – The little things that turn a house into a home

Your personal touch.  After the interior designer’s job is over, it’s up to you to own your space, adding  personal touch and finding a nice place for all the things you can not live without. Danish illustrator Marie Willumsen, has made this 110 sqm apartment in Copenhagen, a welcoming home for her family. I love the wall prints, the white plat pots and the dining space … Continue reading Design Details – The little things that turn a house into a home

Tyche Apartment by CaSA & Margherita Serboli

This lovely apartment is located in a 1900 Art Nouveau building in Barcelona and serves as a vacation home for an Italian family. The interior has been completely renovated in a contemporary language, while reviving and highlighting the 1900 detailing of the building, and redivided to get 3 double bedrooms. The architects opened the space at the entrance to get a light filled living area and … Continue reading Tyche Apartment by CaSA & Margherita Serboli

Micro apartment in Berlin by Spamroom & John Paul Coss

In the last years there has been an increased interest in micro housing fueled by many studies regarding the amount of space a person needs to live comfortably, and of course, many innovations followed. Although I must say I am the kind of person that feels a bit trapped in small spaces I must say I love this tiny, fully equipped, 21 sqm Altbau apartment … Continue reading Micro apartment in Berlin by Spamroom & John Paul Coss